Thursday, November 10, 2011

Animation Inbetweening Pt. 1 - The Secret of Kells, Aisling Scene

This week, we've practiced animation inbetweening. We were given the Aisling scene from the movie "The Secret of Kells". The timing had been changed so we couldn't copy off the movie, and fortunatly the new timing looks so much better than the weird snappy timing that ended up in the actual movie.

This is the scene as it was handed to us, with filled-in blanks each time an inbetween drawing was to be made:

...And this is the scene complete with all the 27 inbetweens I did, including the new timing. Note: The mouths have been left out, as this was strictly an assignment in inbetweening, not lipsync:

Next week, we're going to inbetween our scenes of Stitch getting a fruit from a tree.

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