Friday, January 9, 2015

Internship at Mac Guff Ligne

The view from the studio terrace

Recently, I finished a 3.5 month internship at Mac Guff Ligne in Paris, France. It is a huge studio and I was in their commercial department, working on a pilote for a (potentially feature lenght) 3D production. I mainly did storyboarding and digital layout, setting up cameras, timing shots and movements. I also did some tests for the animation and rigs. This included animating different cycles, takes, and even a basic animation run-down of the entire film so that the digital layout could work as an animatic presentable to the client.
How much of my work will see the light of day is a question of where the client wants to take his project but the studio seemed happy with my work. I can, however, show you this little photo from my work station; appearently my analogue approach to storyboarding raised a few eyebrows.

I am back in Denmark for now in order to attend my final exams and graduate from The Animation Workshop.