Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Happy halloween

Okay, way before going to the Philippines to help oversee our clean up/coloring helpers, I worked on animation for all of the latest Lego Elves Webisodes. Since it has just been halloween, here's the one I enjoyed both watching and working on the most of the latest batch:

Also, over the summer, JaFilm did, as always, the trailer-commercial-film-thingy for Aarhus Festuge. This year, I joined the effort way more than last year:

I also made and Activity/Coloring Book for all of the kindergartens in the city, as well as a pixie-book to help calm children about getting anesthetized, and a bunch of other stuff, which I will link to here once it surfaces online - I'm looking at you Lego Batman! :)

Friday, April 15, 2016

More commercials!

Just to try to keep up with it all, here are a couple of commercials I worked on recently.

Ta' Cyklen! (I did all design, layout and animation)

Chefen er en guttermand... (I did all animation from the Badminton Scene through to the end. Fun fact: the voice of "chefen" (the boss) is the voice of my boss)

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Out there

I have now been working in the industry for well over a year. One thing that has become clear to me is the fact that I am not able to show off as much of my work as when I was just a student. For instance, I finished animation on episodes of LEGO Elves season 2 a year ago which have just recently premiered. But, enough time has passed that I thought I would collect a few bits of what I have been doing which are out there right now! Commercials are an expendable commodity and their screen life is often shorter than that of movies in the cinema, so a lot of my work have already been shown in TV and on the web and taken down again, but here's some of what, as of writing this, is still showing.

All animations for this app-comic (requires Flash Player). You click the little movie symbols when they appear in a panel to see the films:

Layout and all animation on commercial for Hoptimist Supporters

All animation on this commercial for Femmøller Efterskole introducing their new 3D-line

Bits of animation on this (by far not the best Lego Elves Webisode in my opinion but then again, it's for 8-year-old girls. There will be others which feature way more of my animations to come)