Thursday, September 27, 2012

Introduction To Maya: "Turn" & "Bow"

My first two animations in Maya with a complete biped rig...

This fellar is called Hogan and is a premade dummy for animation practice purposes.

We had to make Hogan turn from one side to another, and this is the result. I like the subtlety of the acting and the way the arms shifting makes the movement seem broader.

For this assignment, we had to make Hogan bow in any way we fancied. I could have easily spend a third day on this, polishing it and improving my spacing, though I am glad I get to move on to a new assignment tomorrow.

Introduction To Maya: "Luxo Lamp"

This was the first rigged character I worked with in Maya. I worked with two different rigs, an all Inverse Kinematics rig and an all Forward Kinematics rig. This lamp is the former. The assignment was to make a jump cycle and have the lamp do a take.

Thursday, September 13, 2012