Sunday, October 30, 2011

Drawing for Animation

For the past 2 weeks, we have had a course with the somewhat misleading name, Drawing For Animation. I say "misleading" because what the course was really all about was animating rather than drawing. With terms such as flow and spacing explained and reflected on in depth, the course was my first entry into advanced animation (as opposed to basic animation where principles are applied rather than really understood). The requirements for the task was to, in a 5 second clip, show Stitch getting a fruit down from a tree. This is a result of the first 5-6 animation passes; from storytelling keys to the first few inbetweens:

The scene is going to be inbetweened, cleaned up and coloured in later classes.

Also, as part of the Drawing For Animation class, we had to each morning do Animation Croquis. We were drawing Stitch for the course, which meant that each morning we would put on a scene from Disney's Lilo and Stitch, stop frame through it 5 frames at a time, whilst spending 15-60 seconds on drawing Stitch off the screen. As the days went by, we shifted focus from drawing the poses and proportions of the character to NOT drawing at all, meaning only ANIMATING the movement and the flow, as shown in the last part of this clip, where the character becomes nothing but flow lines:

Our teacher during this course was a former student at the very same Character Animation education at The Animation Workhop which I'm currently attending, the wunderkind Frederik Villumsen assisted by Henrik S√łnniksen.

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  1. 'Wunderkind', haha, nice one Rasmus! Great to see the effort you put into document your study. There's a lot to be learned by doing so, so please keep on doing this even when you start to become more pressured with harder assignments.
    I'm looking forward to follow your progress described on your blog as well as stopping by your desk for updates at times.
    Good work!