Friday, May 11, 2012

Sheep Happens

For the past 4 weeks, I have been working with three other animators and three CG artists in making A Short, Short Film based on the random elements, "rocketry" and "revulsion" and the task of mashing up the styles of Mary Blair and J. Otto Seibold. This is the finished result. A lot of things could be changed for the better but overall I think the main problem (which caused a lot of frustration within the group) was the fact that our story simply isn't all that apt for a 30 second short. Anyway, I will leave it to others to judge our efforts.

I personally did most of the animation and clean-up in the middle part (from the shower scene to the rumbling cloud) as well as the background music and the sound design.

BONUS: Designing and developing the characters was shared task between Maria Henriksen, Cristina Bojesen, Marta Andresen and I. During this process, I made this animation early test... well as some model sheets of the character known as Sheep Number Two.