Sunday, October 2, 2011

Animation Basics 3: Hitting A Table

In one day we had to animate a character (in my case, Trix) who was hitting a table with a hammer. The sequence had to loop but before it did so, it had to last exactly 50 frames. I focused mainly on the timing of the movement rather than the timing of the clip in my first attempt to solve the task:

Then I realized that my animation lasted only 18 frames so it was back to the drawing board - litteraly. Having little time to finish off the assignment, I chose to use limited animation to add another little touch to the movement, along with some more inbetweens (the added inbetweens aren't clean up but I think the result of this - making the character blink - is a nice way of showing exactly where I put in more drawings):

This week, I will finally get to animate the infamous Disney flour sack!

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