Sunday, April 15, 2012

Character Design Week 1

Hands down, this first week of character design has been one of the most productive weeks of my education so far. Over the course of 4 days, I, on my own, in pairs, and in groups with various other people, have developed ideas for/and produced: 1) A splatter paint with various characters on it as in introdution to using "random methods" for inspiration ; 2) A short film explaining something about Danish culture using silhuette cut-outs ; 3) A wall full of Collage Zombie Designs made up of webimages and pictures I took myself in the Town of Viborg with my cellphone ; 4) Three thouroughly explored concept design for the audiobook fairytale, Brave Molly.

These are my designs for Brave Molly:

This was how I broke free from my own and other predetermined styles. I cut up splatter paintings in order to make a collage with random splashes of ink, thus getting finding interesting shapes.


These are my Zombie Designs:

It is an example of another metod we used, taking advantage of our senses and the subconcious mind - a form of pareidolia, seeing faces in random objects.

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