Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mid-Year Test - 1st year Bachelor in Character Animation

Assignment Discription:
"Students animate the character Danny from "Cat's Don't Dance" reacting with a take when he sees a scorpion on the street.
The scene must be 75 frames long and you have three to complete the assignment.
You will recieve [4] storyboard drawings as key poses, a background and model sheets."

This is the result of a 3-day test we just had. Unfortunately, I only had two days to do the test, as I mixed up some dates and gave away my third work day before deadline to wholly different matters (vacataion). But seriously, I'm sad that the whole thing was so unorganized both from my own and the school's side. But what is done is done an in the end, I'm actually really pleased with the animation I did manage to create. Unorganized as the whole assignment setup may have been, I blame it on a good workflow that I was able to finish the assignment in just two days.

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