Friday, January 13, 2012

Design 2

This week I had my second week of design. Concepts such as value, rendering and space were added to our previous lectures about shape, form and staging, and we went from having worked on a strictly abstract/graphic level to working towards fully rendered FINISHED pieces of Photoshop art. It was a huge leap and everyone in class (us Character Animators who are even more unexperienced than the CGA part of the class especially) are looking forward to a well-deserved weekend.
"Flower Power Fairy Metropolis" (13th of January 2012)

"A Chase Scene In a Steam Punk/Film Noir Environment" (12th of January 2012)

"Weapons For Atlantis" (10th of Januray 2012)

Note: All of the pictures are still unfinished but they show the progress I made during the week. As shown by the dates, I did the bottom one at the beginning of the week, the middle one next and the top one last.

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