Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Few Shots from "Money Does Grow On Trees"

Last week, I began studying Character Animation at The Animation Workshop. Truth be told, the specifically animation minded teachings have not begun just yet, but I am learning about a lot of the basics in movie making and production as well as getting to know and work with some of my fellow students/collegues.
Our very first project was an exersise in combining people's different abilities and strenghts. We were divided into groups of 4-5 people from both the Character Animation- and the Computer Graphic Artists' Line. Since no one knew each other nor anything substantial about movie production, a curious mindset and communication was of the utmost importance, because together we had to create a short film with a total lenght of maximum 30 seconds, inspired by a podcast. Our short film is called "Money Does Grow On Trees" and these are a couple of scenes which I did:

We were required to incorporate at least one real-life image into our productions. I like the way we came up with a way of solving that task which actually adds comedic effect to the production:

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