Tuesday, February 14, 2017


I worked on Lego Batman! Well, okay, not the film currently in cinemas but still... it seems that, since the movie is a pretty huge deal at the moment, Lego has finally uploaded a commercial which I did indeed do animation on. So here it is (insanely fast paced, blink and you'll miss it).

Speaking of Lego, there is also a teaser up for the next batch of webisodes that I worked on. In my opinion, it's a much nicer style that the old ones since it's just a bit more toony - and the characters have Lego hands! :D

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Happy halloween

Okay, way before going to the Philippines to help oversee our clean up/coloring helpers, I worked on animation for all of the latest Lego Elves Webisodes. Since it has just been halloween, here's the one I enjoyed both watching and working on the most of the latest batch:

Also, over the summer, JaFilm did, as always, the trailer-commercial-film-thingy for Aarhus Festuge. This year, I joined the effort way more than last year:

I also made and Activity/Coloring Book for all of the kindergartens in the city, as well as a pixie-book to help calm children about getting anesthetized, and a bunch of other stuff, which I will link to here once it surfaces online - I'm looking at you Lego Batman! :)

Friday, April 15, 2016

More commercials!

Just to try to keep up with it all, here are a couple of commercials I worked on recently.

Ta' Cyklen! (I did all design, layout and animation)

Chefen er en guttermand... (I did all animation from the Badminton Scene through to the end. Fun fact: the voice of "chefen" (the boss) is the voice of my boss)